Flexible guiding

We work hard to make sure everyone who wants to can join in the fun, from joining our remote guiding scheme, Lones, to meeting in unusual venues.

We firmly believe Girlguiding Scotland is for all girls, regardless of their circumstances – and we know everyone’s lives are different.

So some Scottish guiding units meet at weekends. We also have units in a hospital and a prison, so those who are unwell or have family members in prison can still take part.


We started a remote guiding scheme – called Lones – for those who can’t attend regular meetings for any reason, whether it’s living in a remote area, having a disability or caring responsibilities. Instead of attending regular weekly meetings, girls keep in touch through email, text, phone calls, letters and events.

Can girls of any age join Lones?

Yes – there are Lones groups for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and members of The Senior Section. The groups also gather together for special events and occasions.

How do I join Lones?

We don’t use our online registration system for people who wish to join us as Lones, so contact us and ask for the Guiding Development Team to find out more.

Low Moss Prison

At Low Moss Prison, Girlguiding Scotland members have been running meetings for the children of prisoners.