Getting ready for growth

You might be tempted to rush into recruitment or dive into development but remember, slow and steady wins the race! Having a clear goal in mind and a step by step plan will maximise your chances of success.


Start with a plan

Before you create your growth plan, you’ll need to think about…

  • What membership looks like now
  • How membership has changed in recent years
  • What you would like membership to look like in the future

Once you know what your top priorities are, you’ll be able to work out what you want to change, for who, and how you’ll make that change happen.

You can also build in timescales and review points to help your team monitor progress.

Tools and resources

Our one stop shop for all the templates and tools you need to get started with growth.

Need help?

Get in touch and let our Membership Development team know how we can help with your growth and development plans.

Next step: Recruitment and awareness

Getting new members on board starts with letting the world know just how great guiding is! Find support on recruitment and awareness raising.