Recruitment and awareness raising

Getting new members on board starts with letting the world know just how great guiding is!

Making a plan

Recruitment often starts with raising awareness. It’s easy to forget that people who aren’t involved in guiding may have little knowledge about what we offer girls and adults. We might assume that everyone knows about the vibrant guiding community in their area or that we’re always ready to welcome new adult members but the reality can be quite different.

Whether it’s posters in medical centres, libraries and supermarkets or being present at community events, making sure guiding is seen and heard in your area can help to maximise the impact of your recruitment activities. And don’t forget to ask parents and girls to spread the word too!

Key questions to ask before getting started:

  • Which roles do you need to fill?
  • How many individuals do you need to fill these roles?
  • What skills or experience would help someone succeed in these roles?
  • Where are you likely to find individuals with these skills or experience?
  • What are the best methods to reach our target audience?

Financial barriers?

If a lack of funds is holding your recruitment back, see what funding is currently available from Girlguiding Scotland and Girlguiding or contact us for further advice.

Tools and resources

Our one stop shop for all the templates and tools you need to get started with growth.

Need help?

Get in touch and let our Membership Development team know how we can help with your growth and development plans.

Next step: Welcome and Induction

Make the most of first impressions with a warm welcome and a great induction for new volunteers. It’s the best way to get volunteers engaged from the start and committed to supporting you going forward.