Costs, uniforms and other information


Units charge ‘subs’ to cover the cost of equipment and hire of the meeting place. These can be paid weekly, monthly or each term. There’s also an annual subscription which covers the day-to-day running of the charity. This is sometimes included in the subs. Subs vary from area to area – your local leader will be able to tell you how much subs are and when they need to be paid.


Each group has its own uniform, which really helps girls feel like they’re part of something. Girls can choose items from a range of practical, stylish and reasonably priced guiding uniform. However, no girl is excluded from Girlguiding because she doesn’t have the right clothing. Stop by our Edinburgh shop (every girl who visits our shop to get their uniform will get an ‘I visited the Guide shop’ badge), or shop online. In some areas you can borrow or buy second-hand uniform. Just ask your daughter’s leader for details.

Gift aid

If you pay income tax, leaders can use Gift Aid to claim back the tax paid at basic rate – that means guiding gets an extra 25p for every £1 you give in subs or donations. Please ask your daughter’s unit leader for more information.

Including all

We don’t want girls to miss out on Girlguiding for any reason. Girlguiding is excellent value for money, and there’s lots of support available to make sure all girls can get involved, whoever you are and wherever you’re from. If you’re concerned about costs stopping your daughter joining in the fun then please speak to your leader as she may be able to suggest ways to help.