Kirsten Mitchell

Brownie | 9 I was a Rainbow before I was a Brownie. The thing I like most about being in guiding is trying new things.

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Senior Section Spectacular


We’ve got a truly spectacular programme of Scottish events, challenges and fun lined up – and there’s something for everyone.

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I’m looking forward to our summer adventures in Cologne!

10th May 2016

Mirren McLeod, Guide Leader in Tweedvalley, blogs about her summer adventures as she leads an international trip around Europe for Girlguiding Scotland’s Catch us in Cologne and Join the Journey event.

Guiding helps me get ready for my exams!

2nd May 2016

Katie Horsburgh, Senior Section member in Edinburgh and Girlguiding Advocate, takes a break from studying for her exams to tell us how guiding helps her in the run up to… Read more »

Growing guiding in Lanarkshire with Youth United

29th April 2016

Girlguiding Scotland has taken part in Youth United’s Uniform Youth in Social Action Fund (UYSAF) project. The project allowed us to create new places for girls and volunteers in targeted… Read more »

Taking part in community events this spring or summer? Order banners and giveaways!

28th April 2016

Are you taking part in community events this spring or summer? We have branded items that will help you stand out at your event.

Five reasons to go to SS16, our annual camp for The Senior Section!

26th April 2016

SS16 is set to be the highlight of #Spectacular2016, celebrating 100 years of The Senior Section – our group for 14 to 25 year-olds. We’ve put together a few highlights that make SS16, our annual camp for the section in July, an unmissable event.