Kirsten Mitchell

Brownie | 9 I was a Rainbow before I was a Brownie. The thing I like most about being in guiding is trying new things.

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Senior Section Spectacular


We’ve got a truly spectacular programme of Scottish events, challenges and fun lined up – and there’s something for everyone.

There’s always something to get involved with at Girlguiding Scotland – browse our events calendar to see what’s coming up.
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Five things you didn’t know about shopping with us

24th August 2016

There’s a few ways you can shop with us at Girlguiding Scotland, whether that’s visiting our Guide shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh, going to a local volunteer shop near you or shopping online at

Join #ActionforChange

24th August 2016

Join Action for Change in Scotland and be part of something amazing. Action for Change is an exciting new opportunity for you to get the skills and know-how and be inspired to make change in your own unique way on the things you really care about.

Heading to the fringe? Read our suggestions for Guides!

17th August 2016

Last in our series is a guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for Guides (aged 10 – 14). We’ve chosen five events that aim to encourage and spark the imagination of our Guides!

Senior Section members will be dashing over to Ulster

11th August 2016

We’ve had a busy year celebrating The Senior Section Spectacular but the fun isn’t over yet. As our Dash to Ulster event approaches, we hear from lead volunteer Clair D’Alby as she tell us how she’s planning something spectacular for the weekend with Girlguiding Ulster.

A Brownie’s Guide to the Fringe

9th August 2016

Next up in our series is a guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for Brownies, the selected shows are perfect whether you’re Brownie (aged 7-10) is a fringe fanatic or a first-time fringer!