Keeping girls in guiding longer

We see the impact of guiding each week, as we watch our 45,000 young members grow in confidence and develop new skills.

External research shows that 3 or more years in a uniformed organisation like Girlguiding improves young people’s life chances and can lead to better mental health.

Keep girls guiding

There are many ways to encourage girls to stay in guiding:

  • Running a high quality programme that follows the 5 essentials is a key place to start
  • Engaging parents in the programme – if they recognise the wider benefits of the fun activities offered through meetings, they can champion guiding when a choice has to be made between competing activities
  • Encouraging movement through our sections – Make sure you are familiar with the transfer process and start conversations about moving up well ahead of time, so girls and parents know what’s next

Funds and funding

You can find out more about what funding options and projects we have available here!

Financial barriers?

See what funding is currently available from Girlguiding Scotland and Girlguiding or contact Scottish Headquarters for further advice.

Tools & Resources

Tools and resources to help you keep girls in guiding longer.

Need help?

Get in touch and let our Membership Development team know how we can help with your growth and development plans.