Celebrate a fellow member!

If you know someone who deserves special recognition – for example, a volunteer who has made a real difference through their contribution to guiding, or a young member who has shown special courage or great initiative – please put them forward for an award! There are three special awards available to Girlguiding Scotland members – see below for more details and to nominate.

If you’d like more information on our awards or the nomination process you can get in touch with your regional award committee representative – email for help with this. Nominations go to the awards committee which meets twice per year, in May and November. The last date to nominate someone for the May awards committee is Friday 3 May!

Scottish Chief Commissioner’s Award

This is for adult members (aged 19+) who have made an outstanding contribution to Guiding in Scotland, for meritorious conduct or outstanding service in the face of adversity. To make a nomination, tell us about the person’s impact in their unit(s), district, division or county and how have girls and/or adults benefited from their special achievements.

Scottish Chief Commissioner’s Thistle Award

This special award is for young members, aged under 19, who have either demonstrated outstanding bravery, outstanding leadership, acted as an exceptional role model, overcome personal challenges, or shown responsibility during a specific incident. Tell us about the nominee’s current involvement in Girlguiding and the reasons for putting her forward for the award. Include supporting evidence if possible, such as website links, along with the letters of support.

Growing guiding award

This award is for Girlguiding Scotland volunteers who have helped more girls and adults join or stay in guiding! Helping more girls and adults from across Scotland to access the benefits of guiding is key to Girlguiding Scotland’s strategy for 2019-2021.

Girlguiding awards

Members can be nominated at UK level for the Laurel Award (adults), Guiding Star Award (young members aged up to 26) and the Silver Fish award. Good service brooches and thanks badges can also be presented within counties or local areas.