Welcome and induction

Make the most of first impressions with a warm welcome and a great induction for new volunteers.

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The welcome and induction we offer new volunteers should reflect our values. Every volunteer enquirer deserves a timely reply. We should be open and honest about our expectations and do our best to be inclusive and caring. Being a member as an adult should be a fun and rewarding experience while also bringing huge benefits to our young members.

There are lots of tools and resources available to help you give a warm guiding welcome to potential volunteers and parents registering on behalf of girls. We understand that some areas find it difficult to keep up with new enquiries so if you are struggling, ask for support from Girlguiding Scotland’s Membership Development team – our staff team can help with backlogs of enquiries from potential volunteers or parents.

Remember that recruitment policies and processes are set by Girlguiding. If you need help completing a PVG application click here. To understand what’s expected in relation to individual roles or have any other questions about the recruitment & vetting process, visit the Girlguiding Website.

Girlguiding Scotland’s warm welcome

Find out more about what the Scottish team is doing to top-up your local warm welcome activities here.

Financial barriers?

If a lack of funds is holding you back, see what funding is currently available from Girlguiding Scotland and Girlguiding or contact us for further advice.

Tools and resources

Our one stop shop for all the templates and tools you need to get started with growth.

Need help?

Get in touch and let our Membership Development team know how we can help with your growth and development plans.

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Adult retention and recognition is a key tool for growth, ensuring volunteers feel valued and supported to continue their work with us.