Independent guiding

Can’t attend regular meetings? Independent guiding is an easy and flexible way for young and adult members to get involved.

Why independent guiding?

There are lots of reasons for someone becoming an independent guiding member. For example:

  • There’s no unit for their age group in their local area
  • They have other commitments, including studies and caring responsibilities which means they can’t attend meetings
  • Transport to and from meetings is a problem
  • An illness or disability which prevents them attending meetings regularly
  • They don’t enjoy spending time in large groups
  • Waiting list for units in your local area

Independent guiding means getting all the benefits of being a Girlguiding member in a way that fits around your needs and schedule. It’s fun, flexible and full of the same great opportunities. Instead of going to weekly meetings, girls keep in touch through email, text, phone calls, post, working on different activities and badges and meeting up at exciting events.

Who can join?

Any girl or young woman aged 5-18 can! There are independent guiding units for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers. The groups also gather together for special events and occasions.

How do I join?

It doesn’t matter if there’s no specific independent guiding unit in the area – girls and adults can still take part. If they are already a member, they should speak to their leader or local commissioner to find out what options are available.

Leaders can move existing unit members to the independent units by transferring them and using the postcode FK19 8PH to find the relevant unit. Please get in touch if you have any questions before you transfer members.

If they’re not already a member, they’ll need to register their interest, and then when it comes to choosing their preferred units they’ll need to pop this postcode, FK19 8PH, into the search box before selecting the relevant Scottish independent unit.

Supporting members

Independent guiding members are still full members of Girlguiding Scotland. This means they have access to all the same opportunities that members attending units have like going to camps, international trips, joining in with events like Tartan Gig and having your say through our youth forum Speak Out. Members have even gone on to gain their Queen’s Guide award.