A brand new logo just for Scotland

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of a new ‘brand element’ we’ve been designing. A brand element is something (logo, strapline, colours, etc.) that make up your overall brand. We need to communicate what we do and why it’s amazing, in a clear and effective way, and our brand helps us to do this. Our members know what makes guiding special – but we want to grow and let more people know about our brilliant charity.

You probably know all about the Girlguiding logo. It is a really important part of our brand and ties everyone together – units, county and countries and regions are all brought together by the logo. If you want to make a logo to use locally, have a look at our guidelines here.

We decided to add another logo to help people recognise guiding in Scotland. We’ve spent lots of time looking at other charities and working with an agency to come up with our final design. And we love the final result.

Where will I see the new design?

You’ll mostly see this new logo on a brand new range soon to be launched in our Glasgow and Edinburgh shops and online. You’ll also be able to check it out in some of our depots.

Can I use this new design?

You should continue to use your localised logo for all local events. If you are running a Scottish event, you will be able to use this new design. Please get in touch with the marketing team.