A charity for Scotland

Scottish Girlguiding groups and members are part of Girlguiding Scotland, and we want as many people as possible to know that we’re the leading charity for girls and young women north of the border.
To help, please:

  • Get inspiration from Girlguiding Scotland’s key messages, which are loaded with Scottish facts and figures about what our amazing girls, volunteers and staff have achieved.
  • Use Girlguiding Scotland’s template press release to plan how you will present your news story to the media.
  • Refer to Girlguiding Scotland rather than Girlguiding in publicity work, unless the project or event you are publicising is specifically related to our UK-wide charity. For example, “Young Girlguiding Scotland members from Ayrshire got a glimpse of the showbiz life when they went to the charity’s first ever performance arts-themed festival camp, G in the Park.”
  • If a crisis situation arises, please contact Girlguiding Scotland straight away to let us know. This is because Scottish media and people on social media in Scotland could pick it up and start talking about it, affecting our reputation, so we will need to handle media inquiries and prepare a response.
  • Please contact Girlguiding Scotland in the first instance if any UK-wide or Scotland-wide media contact you, for example the Daily Express, The Scotsman or BBC Scotland. It’s our job to handle enquiries from national media – and we’ll make sure that your county gets involved if there’s an opportunity to do so.