Shout about it

Whether you’re planning a residential event, a camp or a sleepover, we’ve got you covered!

Raising the profile of guiding in your county has many benefits. It helps people to understand what Girlguiding Scotland is all about today. It can bring in new volunteers and supporters and encourage new girls to join. And it makes those who are already in guiding proud to be a part of it – keeping girls with us as they grow older and helping to retain more of our amazing volunteers.

All of which helps us to grow guiding and inspire and empower more girls across Scotland.

Oh, and you get to have fun along the way – whether it’s making a splash in the local media or getting something going on Twitter!

Don’t forget – we love hearing about events, activities and stories from your local area. However big or small, please tell us your story.

There’s loads of ways to get involved in helping Scottish guiding make a splash: