Policy on financial support for members

In order to be fair and consistent when dealing with requests for financial support, counties should have a written financial policy setting out what support it will provide (subject to budget availability) and details for members of how to access this.


Your financial support for members policy may cover some, or all, of the following areas:

  1. Support for training: This could cover training organised by the county as well as training sessions organised by other parts of Girlguiding and held out with the county.
  2. Support for travel expenses: this could be for travel to meetings, trainings, events, or activities.
  3. Support for events & activities: This may cover events and activities within Scotland and the UK, such as large-scale camps, Wander the World etc. as well as international activities organised by Girlguiding, Girlguiding Scotland or county, divisions, districts, or units.
  4. Support for individuals: Members facing difficult circumstances for a number of reasons may benefit from financial support. This could be for example in relation to emergencies – i.e. a fire in a member’s home destroying resources or uniform; families facing financial difficulties preventing their participation in guiding; fees associated with a trip, residential or event which would otherwise be a barrier to participation; cost of uniform which would be a barrier to participation.


It is up to your individual county what you will support and what level of financial provision you will make. You must take into account your budget availability within the county when developing this policy.


A template ‘Policy on financial support for members’ document is available below – this gives suggestions of what you may wish to include in the various sections (as applicable to your county). Sample application and claim forms are also provided. These should all be adapted to meet your specific county needs; they are intended to give ideas of what to include, however, it is up to you to decide what is appropriate.

Template Policy

Sample Application Form

Sample Claims Form 


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