Top tips for recruiting

Take a look at these ideas for making your display stand out or find out about the fantastic resources and giveaways available to you.

Reaching more girls

You’ll need to vary your approach to attract different age groups of girls. Get more information here and check out these top tips to get you started:

  • Reaching out to Rainbows’ parents or carers is key, because they will usually make the decision about their girl joining. Put Rainbow posters up at your local playgroup or primary school, and leave postcards for people to take away. Rainbows also love giveaways so think of things you could hand out at recruitment events, fairs and open days.
  • Brownies usually also join when their parents make the decision to enrol them, so think about how you can engage the mums and dads of potential members. Local libraries and primary schools are great places to display Brownie posters. You could even run some Brownie activities at an event to get people involved.
  • Guides tend to decide for themselves whether to join. Put Guide posters up at secondary schools and give postcards to careers advisers. You could also invite current Guides or members of The Senior Section to run some of the activities at your stall as a taster.
  • Reach potential members of The Senior Section with posters, banners and postcards at college or university open days and careers or volunteering fairs. Talk to local careers services, secondary schools and job centres so they know about the skills and experience guiding can offer young people. People love a freebie so hand out Girlguiding’s student wallplanners.

The members’ area of Girlguiding’s website also has a wealth of great tips on how to reach more girls.