Empowering the next generation of female leaders

As the leading charity for girls and young women in Scotland we are excited to welcome new proposals calling for equal gender representation on public bodies.


Angela Constance, Equalities Secretary for the Scottish Government, recently announced proposals to achieve equal representation of men and women on the boards of public bodies. We think this is an important step to encourage female leadership and make sure girls and women’s voices are heard in all sorts of important public services from health to policing.

We’re committed to empowering girls and young women to become the next generation of leaders in politics, business, media, science and more. And seeing positive role models can play a vital part in achieving this goal.

Girlguiding’s Girls Attitude Survey found that just 54% of girls age 11-16 feel they have the same chance of being successful in their future career as boys and this goes down to just 35% for girls age 17-21. Meanwhile just half of girls (49%) said they felt inspired by a role model often or most of the time.

We want to help all girls to feel confident, aim high and become the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why we launched our WOWwoman campaign to celebrate inspiring female role models from all walks of life and encourage girls to aim high and discover their own leadership potential.

We hope proposals for equal representation on the boards of public bodies will help empower more ‘WOW women’ to take the lead and inspire equal representation in other areas too – from business boardrooms to the Scottish Parliament, student councils to cutting-edge labs.

Katie Horsburgh, Girlguiding Advocate, shared why she thinks equal representation matters. She says:

“I’m really excited and encouraged to see that the Scottish Government is calling for equal representation on public boards.

Women are still under-represented – not just on the boards of public organisations – but in all sorts of areas – from business to politics, science to sports.

It’s heartening to see the Scottish Government taking real steps to make gender equality not just an ideal but a reality and I hope it will encourage other businesses and organisations to do the same.

“Girls and young women know we have what it takes to lead and I hope steps like this will mean more of us have the opportunity to put our skills into action as the leaders of the future.”

Want to encourage girls in your unit to discover their leadership potential? Check out our free, fun WOWwoman resource for all ages here.

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