Scottish Women and Girls in Sport week 2021

3 fun ways to stay active with your girls


From making up your very own sport to hopping on your bike, this Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week there are lots of different ways girls across Scotland can stay active now the colder, darker nights are setting in.

1. Get on your bike!

Head to our Wander the World 2021 interactive map and make your way to the bicycle rack to find out everything from basic bike maintenance to why cycling is great for the environment. Why not start cycling to and from school or your next unit meeting if you can?

2. Try sports with the Tri Sports – Individual Challenge

Our Tri Sports – Individual Challenge pack was designed to help girls to stay active, try something new and boost their physical and mental wellbeing. It’s packed full of fun activities for all sections to complete which have been developed to be done during self-isolation, and while social distancing.

Although restrictions have now eased this is still a great opportunity for girls to get sporty and creative on their own, without their unit or with their families. Girls can create their own sport or make sporting equipment using whatever they can find lying around the house. Are you up for making rolled up newspapers into hockey sticks, or using old plastic bottles as skittles for your very own bowling alley? Download the pack now to find out more.

3. Get out and about with our Wee Beastie Challenge

If you haven’t already taken on our Out and About Wee Beastie Challenge with your unit then now is the time! You can always go for a walk to and around your local park but why not take your outing to another level with this challenge pack? While going for a stroll you’ll be encouraged to go on a wee beastie hunt, see what critters you can find, learn fun facts about them and so much more.

Find out more

You can find out more info about Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week here, and don’t forget to follow the #SheCanSheWill hashtag on social media see what other people are getting up to across the country.