Join our Wander the World 2021 online celebrations!

From 10am-4pm on Saturday 2 October we’ll be taking you on a virtual journey through skills-ville where there’s something for all sections to enjoy. There will be a selection of exciting live events (which will stream to the Wander the World Facebook group), fun videos which you can find within our interactive map below, as well as activities you can complete on your own!

From mindfulness and making sound effects for movies to science experiments and money management, scroll down to see what’s on offer and when. Please read through out general safety notice for the day here.

More info on the Wander the World Facebook group

Just a quick reminder that we recommend that parents sign up to join our private Facebook group on behalf of our younger members. This is a great place to view the live sessions, share how you’re getting on and what you’re enjoying about the day when you’re not looking around the map. To ensure the group is a safe place, we ask some security questions when you request to join – please ensure you answer these or your request will not be approved.

Check out our map

All you have to do is check out the schedule for the day then navigate your way around our interactive map and all 9 stations to see what’s available! Please remember that our live events will stream to our private Wander the World Facebook group (they will be recorded and available within the map as soon as possible after streaming has ended so please bear with us). There will also be action-packed videos which will be available at their respective station at the times listed in the schedule and there’s activities you can complete on your own.

You’ll be able to see what activities are suitable for what section when you look around below, then just select the different stations to find out more about the activities on offer and who can do what. Plus there’s special taskmaster challenges at each station so please share how you get on with these, either within the Facebook group, tag us @GirlguidingScot using #WanderTheWorld21 on social media or drop us an email by 5pm on Friday 8 October for your chance to win a mystery prize!

Now you’re ready to enter skills-ville…