Find out what support is available for local recruitment!

We want all of our members to be able to join in

To make it as easy as possible, we’ll have different types of resources available depending on your circumstances. We’ve asked county commissioners across Scotland to keep us up to date and let us know how each county plans to join in the Inspire Girls campaign to help us make sure we have the right resources available to support everyone that wants to take part.

Once we’ve heard back from every county we’ll be able to share more information about how you can access the resources you’ll need to join in. In the meantime, you’ll find lots of top tips and ideas on Girlguiding’s website.

What’s next?

Now’s the time to work out the gaps you’ll need to fill come September. For example, is someone moving away for uni or do you need someone to come in and help with admin support? Once you know who you want to recruit you can make a head start on developing a recruitment plan.

Not got a lot of time?

Don’t worry! You can join in by putting up posters at your local meeting place or help girls send invites to parents or teachers. Feel free to get in touch with the team here at Girlguiding Scotland headquarters for more information on how to advertise specific roles online for free.

If you do find yourself having a bit more time then you might want to join up with other units in your district or division to coordinate recruitment plans. However you decide to join in, we’ll be sharing ideas to help you get recruitment ready so keep your eyes peeled to our social media and future newsletters for more information.

Great support tools to check out

We know volunteers have already started holding recruitment events across Scotland but if you’re still in process of planning yours then here are some helpful tools:

Here are some top tips to get you started on your recruitment journey

1. Mind the gap
Chat about the new term now with your team. If anyone is thinking about taking a break from guiding, it’s better to know in advance so that you have time to prepare to fill that role.

2. Do what you love and delegate what you don’t
Reflect on the last term. What tasks have you enjoyed and what do you wish you could delegate? If your team is really passionate about working with girls but less so about admin or finance why not  recruit someone into these roles in time for next term? We can advertise these roles for you for free – get in touch to find out more.

3. Parents are potential new members too
Lots of parents will be hoping that their girls will be able to get a space in guiding after summer. If a lack of leaders is likely to be a barrier be upfront and invite them to come forward as a volunteer (whether they can give a little time or a lot). An end of term activity might make a good taster session.

4. End on a high
It’s natural to be tired at this time of year, with summer just around the corner, but you’ve no doubt achieved a lot! Share your best moments with your team, give yourself a pat on the back and look forward to new adventures after the holidays.