County plan template and guidance

Since 2020, Girlguiding Scotland has shared Girlguiding’s strategy.

In March 2023, after reviewing our strategic priorities alongside emerging external threats and opportunities, our trustees and members of the operational board clearly identified that an increased focus on volunteer recruitment and retention is essential to achieving our mission. This will be done through recognising the vital role of volunteers in delivering our mission and divided into 5 key focus areas: the essentials, enquire, welcome, stay, and develop.

This county plan template should be used to plan what activities the county executive will complete and which strategic priority the activity relates to.

The cover page should be used for the name of the activity and further details of the activity should be provided in the table. For each activity, there should be: an explanation of why the activity is happening, who will be involved, what will success look like and any progress made.
The county plan should be used to monitor performance against at each executive meeting (at least 4 times per year).


County plan template


If you have any questions on the county plan template, please contact the Girlguiding Scotland governance team by emailing