County executive agenda template and guidance

The template agenda is intended as a guide only; you don’t need to copy it exactly. Depending on the structure of your county executive and teams some items will be named differently, or tasks may fall under different categories. You may also have other items that your executive discusses, although remember that the role of the executive is to be strategic: making decisions about the strategy, goals and challenges of the county as a whole. Try not to let it become too operational – delegate tasks to county teams to discuss and report back or to make proposals to the executive.

The first page has a suggested outline agenda, amend this to make it work for your county. This includes items that should be discussed at every county executive meeting. In the appendix there are items that should appear on the agenda every 6 months, annually, or as required. Annual items should be spread through the year where possible and across different meetings so that the agenda is more balanced.


Download the template


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