Our membership system

GO (Guiding Organiser) is Girlguiding’s membership system that records all our member’s information.

Membership Systems

GO (Guiding Organiser) is designed to help you keep your details up to date and manage information for the young members and volunteers in your area.

In GO you will be able to update your contact information and update your training and qualification history. If you volunteer with a unit, you will also be able to:

  • Update information about your unit
  • Contact members of your unit
  • Download reports, emergency contact forms, forms for events and other useful documents

If you’re part of a district, division and/or county team, you can:

  • Update information about volunteers in your area
  • Update awards and qualifications
  • Contact your volunteer team
  • Update information at different levels, depending on your access.

Where can I get help with using Go?

If you’re a volunteer, everything you need to know about GO can be found in GO – you can login here. Once logged in you’ll be able to find help files, videos and other resources that will help you make the most of the system.

If you need more help contact your local commissioner or email Girlguiding’s membership systems team – their number is: 0800 99 2016

Where can I get help with membership enquiries?

If you’re a volunteer and would like advice on the best way to respond to enquiries from parents of girls waiting to join or potential volunteers, please get in touch with Girlguiding Scotland’s Membership Development team. We can help you create templates or tailored responses to explain the circumstances in your area and/or invite more parents to get involved.


We’ve also put together a range of useful email templates for you to use when you are making contact with parents. They cover everything from how to explain there isn’t space in their daughter’s local unit to what to say to someone who would like to register as a volunteer.