Get involved on social media

Joining the conversation is the first step!

Depending on the channels, you can do this by using hashtags, following or tagging people, asking questions and starting or joining conversations.

If you are using your own hashtag, include it in your event pack or put notices up at your events to remind people.

Don’t forget to tag us using @GirlguidingScot on Twitter and Facebook, or @girlguidingscot on Instagram and share things to our Girlguiding Scotland Facebook page timeline so we can see what you’ve said – and repost!

Here are some ideas for social media posts that will make an impact:

Sharing your pictures and videos

  • Posts with pictures get more attention.
  • Action shots are more exciting than pictures of people sitting down or looking static – for example you could capture girls taking part in activities and having fun together.
  • Packing some interesting kit for the activities? Tweet a picture and share how excited you are about the upcoming event! What are you looking forward to the most?
  • Try a group selfie or one in an unusual place!
  • Remember to make sure everyone in pictures is happy for you to post images of them online.

Amplifying girls and young women’s voices

Tweet quotes from the girls taking part – what do they think of your event, unit activity or camp? What did they enjoy the most? What has it helped them to learn?

Taking people along for the ride!

What are you doing now? What’s happening next? Highlight the stuff that’s exciting and relevant to people outside guiding as well as who are part of it – eg: what the girls are learning about, what fun activity you are doing, inspiring snippets from people leading workshops, quotes from girls etc…

Involve people

Ask people questions – what do they think? What are their favourite memories? Do they have ideas, eg: unit activities on rainy days or fun cake decorating themes?

You could also try a coordinated engagement campaign around a particular moment, such as World Thinking Day. This will involve asking people to take a particular action, such as sharing a photo of themselves, usually with a hashtag for relevant social media.

Respond quickly

People expect a quick response on social media. Repost positive messages – and say thanks for compliments.

Respond to genuine complaints in a timely fashion, with an accurate response – and pass on criticism and complaints to relevant people or teams, where necessary.

Being safe online

Find out how to keep yourself and your girls safe with Girlguiding’s online safety guidance for volunteers.


So now you know the do’s… what about the don’ts?

Some basic rules are below. But the best guidance is probably to remember that social media is like a really great party – but with your mum in one corner and your boss in the other! Don’t:

  • Use bad spelling or grammar – make sure what you write makes sense and looks professional.
  • Post advice that might lead followers to break the provider’s terms of service.
  • Do anything that could damage the image of Girlguiding Scotland or Girlguiding, such as posting inappropriate pictures, using swear words or misrepresenting the organisation’s views.
  • Link to unsuitable websites.
  • Get angry, upset or annoyed.
  • Feed the trolls. This means don’t rise to people who harass you or are rude – it’ll only encourage them.