External funds

External funds that may support local guiding

We’ve pulled together a list of Scotland-wide and UK-wide funds that may support local guiding. Each fund is different, with specific eligibility criteria and application timelines so it might take a bit of research to find the best fit for your unit, activity or project.

Before making an application, you should make sure you are up to date with your accounts. We’d also encourage you to let your commissioner know you are planning to seek external funding as there may be local support available too.

As well as the funds listed below, you could check out Funding Scotland, SCVO’s free database which includes details of hundreds of funding schemes supporting small grants, big capital projects and everything in between. The database includes lots of local community funds so it’s a great way to find funds only available in your specific area.

There is also great advice on the SCVO website on how to write a winning application.

If you have success applying to any of these funds please let us know at