Fresh Start Challenge

Every new term is a fresh start!

This challenge is for current Girlguiding Scotland volunteers to help you share how amazing guiding is, encourage more members to join and give everyone a great guiding welcome.

How does it work?

There are 3 sections with lots of different activities:

  • Become a waiting list warrior
  • Become a shout-out superstar
  • Become a welcome wonder

To earn your free badge complete at least 5 activities across any of the sections. You can choose the activities that are most relevant to you and your area and work through them this term.

Download the challenge leaflet

Check out the challenge leaflet for more information on how to earn your free badge.

Get the Badge

Fill out our form to get your badge at the end of term!

Share what you get up to!

We’d love to see what you get up to. You can let us know you’re taking part in the challenge and share photos with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @GirlguidingScot using #GirlguidingScotFreshStart. Always make sure you have photo permission for anyone in your pictures or videos

Download our Fresh Start resources