Take on our Hear Me Out activity

Time is running out to take on our new activity pack and sign up for our exciting Hear Me Out event!


Have you taken on our new Hear Me Out activity pack with your girls yet? There’s still time to get involved and let us know what you think, from what kind of events you’d like to see to who we should be partnering with. Plus there’s a great Hear Me Out event girls can go to without their volunteers, and without working the pack!

2nd Cradlehall Rainbows leader Laura had a great time working through the pack with her unit – here she shares how they got on and why you should give it a go too…

‘I’ve been with my unit for almost five years, since my own daughter was in Rainbows. She has since moved on but I never left! We currently have 12 lovely Rainbows – they’re such a mixed bunch of characters and that’s the way we like it.’

Why take on the pack?

‘We decided to take on the Hear Me Out pack as we’ve enjoyed lots of the Girlguiding Scotland activities like Window on the World and the Out and About Wee Beastie Challenge.

Being based in Inverness we can feel a bit disconnected from what’s going on elsewhere so we thought this would be an amazing chance to get our girls’ voices heard from all the way up here!’

Why is it great?

‘Due to some of our girls having to isolate we often need to plan last-minute Zoom meetings, and the Hear Me Out pack really lends itself to being done this way. All we had to do was just get stuck in and we replaced the cut-out dice by downloading a dice app.

It was great to see their imaginations run wild when coming up with exciting new things for us to do together as a unit. The girls even suggested we arrange a sleepover in a forest castle – sounds amazing, right? They’d all make each other laugh a lot by coming up with different ideas we could try, like flying boats full of cake-eating Rainbows and lots more!

We did spend some time chatting about possible real-life adventures we could actually embark upon. In response to one Rainbow suggesting we should visit a jungle we instead suggested taking a trip to the local adventure park that has a rope course and a butterfly house. However, we struggled a bit with translating the parachute jump suggestion into a real activity!’

What’s next?

‘We’re really excited to be able to give Girlguiding Scotland our feedback, both on behalf of the girls and ourselves as leaders. We’re not always able to attend some of the wonderful events Girlguiding Scotland organise because travelling elsewhere isn’t always feasible for us. Therefore, activities like this (that can be easily adapted to be delivered during virtual meetings) and online events provide a great opportunity for our girls to still feel they’re part of the wider guiding family.

It’s our unit’s 20th birthday in 2022 and we’re determined to make it a year to remember, with as much adventure and fun as we can cram in! Camp fires, sleepovers, beach trips and water sports are pencilled in along with whatever the girls plan for us while working through the rest of the Hear Me Out pack!’

Get involved!

Find out more and download the activity pack today. Another way girls from all sections can pass on their feedback would be to attend our upcoming online Hear Me Out event on 29 January, 1-3pm via Zoom – girls don’t need to have completed the pack, parents can sign girls up and volunteers aren’t required to attend.