Say hello to our new Generation CashBack Officer!

Join us in welcoming Anna and find out more about her and the Generation CashBack project.


As part of the Generation CashBack project, her aim is to bring guiding to girls in areas of need, help build capacity and support girls to gain leadership skills.


Q. What is the Generation CashBack project?

Generation CashBack offers tailored support to Guide and Ranger units in areas affected by deprivation. I’ll be working with leaders to find out what they need, for example:

  • Delivering activities to units
  • Helping to recruit volunteers
  • Providing information and advice
  • Supporting leaders to access to funding to sustain and grow their unit and help girls gain experiences that will build their skills and confidence

As well as this I’ll be working to help girls from these units access more opportunities through guiding, whether that be completing awards, attending Scotland wide events or putting their leadership skills into practice in their communities.


Q. What made you apply for this Development Officer role?

I’ve always loved working with young people and getting out and about meeting people. In this job I’ll get to visit a lot of units which really excites me. I’m a Ranger leader myself and my unit has benefitted from CashBack support previously so I know first-hand how beneficial it can be. I think the opportunities available through Girlguiding are incredible for girls, and I wanted to be a part of making that happen!


Q. What have you been getting up to since you started?

I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the team and learning more about the project. My plan for the next few weeks is to start some conversations with leaders and hopefully get a few units on board with the project.


Q. What’s your favourite thing about your new role so far?

The staff team have been so welcoming and helpful. Everyone clearly cares so much about what they do and about bringing more opportunities to girls through guiding. I’ve also loved reading about what happened last year in the CashBack project and seeing all the cool things that it enabled girls to do so far.


Q. What are you most excited about getting to do?

Definitely working with the girls! They’re at the heart of the project so I’m really looking forward to meeting them, having fun and learning from them.


Find out more

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