Happy International Women’s Day – fun ways to celebrate with your girls

This year International Women’s Day is all about women in leadership and challenging gender inequality.


To celebrate we’ve specially selected some great activities from existing Girlguiding Scotland challenge packs for you to get stuck into with your girls. They’ve all been adapted to be delivered during online meetings.

This is a great way to empower girls to take the lead and let them know they can do whatever they want in life. Together we can help create a more equal future for the next generation of young women.

Let’s hear it for WOW women

We’ve taken the first fun activity from our WOWwoman pack and the aim of this challenge is to help girls explore what qualities are important to be a role model and take the lead.

You’ll need:

  • A sheet of A4 paper, write down the following words so there’s enough space to cut around each word: Caring, Strong, Friendly, Creative, Confident, Adventurous, Fun, Pretty, Smart, Cool, Bossy, Brave, Kind, Courageous, Ambitious, Beautiful, Humble, Funny, Smart, Determined, Inspirational, Enthusiastic, Clever, Fashionable
  • Another piece of paper so girls can draw the outline of a woman on it
  • Either felt tip pens, coloured pencils, pen or pencils
  • Craft scissors. For Rainbows and Brownies: Ask an adult to help if you don’t have craft scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape


  1. Ask girls to draw the outline of a girl/woman on a piece of paper and cut out the words they’ve written down on a separate piece of paper.
  2. Split the girls into small groups depending on the size of your unit.
  3. Encourage each group to decide together what qualities they think a role model/ a woman leader should have from their selection and stick the words they choose inside of the outline they’ve drawn. If there are words they don’t think are as important they can just stick them outside the outline.
  4. If girls come up with any qualities which are not listed they can write these straight onto the paper.
  5. Bring your unit back together at the end then have a short chat and find out why each group thought the qualities they picked were important and why?

Super Citizen Girls

Your voice is like a super power! So why not celebrate all the ways you can speak out and make a difference with some superhero-themed fun activity from our Citizen Girl challenge pack.

Girls will need:

  • Scrap materials, paper, decorations, and anything else lying around your home to help create a superhero costume (don’t forget to check you’re allowed to use everything you’ve gathered)
  • Glue and scissors (Rainbows and Brownies should ask an adult for help cutting if they don’t have craft scissors)
  • Do you have ribbons or string lying around that you can use?
  • Some scrap material, an old towel or a shawl to form a cape, and a pair of pants


  1. Create your own superhero costume! Start by making a mask out of scrap paper – look online for superhero mask inspiration! Cut out holes for the eyes and decorate it however you like, then attach a length of ribbon or string to either side of the mask and try it on.
  2. Now it’s time to make the rest of your costume. Take the material you’ve chosen to create your cape and tuck it into the back of your collar so it drapes down your back. Then wear your pants or shorts over your leggings or jeans.
  3. Come up with a name for your superhero and decide on what superpowers you’ll have that’ll help change the world for the better. You could end your meeting by having a virtual superhero party!

Media Mindful

Our Girls in Scotland research found that almost half of girls believe there are certain subjects or careers they’re expected to do because they’re a girl. This needs to change!

Women do amazing things – they’re scientists, engineers, inventors, artists – but women’s stories don’t always make it into the media. If you’ve ever wondered, “Where are all the women?” while reading or watching the news, this Media Mindful challenge pack activity is all about answering this question!

What to do:

Ask your unit to get their thinking caps on and take this quiz to find out where women appear in the media and in what kind of roles. We’ve created 20 questions to choose from, so pick the 10 best suited to your unit level.

TOP TIP: There are lots of ways to run a quiz in person or online. If you’re meeting virtually get the girls to make signs or use emojis to answer the questions. You can also find apps to make online quizzes.

Continue the celebrations beyond #IWD2021

These activities can be done at any time! Please tag us @GirlguidingScot on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and show us how you and your girls get on.