Citizen Girl

We’ve teamed up with Women 5050 to empower the next generation of female leaders with our Citizen Girl challenge.

What is Citizen Girl?

To celebrate Vote 100 and the Year of Young People we’re launching a new campaign and interactive resource – Citizen Girl!

Citizen Girl aims to empower girls to:

  • Discover why their voice matters and how they can make change
  • Learn about the political process, representation and equality with fun, hands-on challenges like building their own edible parliament, creating their own superheroes and holding their own Citizen Girl Summits
  • Think about how they can be the leaders of tomorrow in politics, business, tech, the media and more#

What are we calling for?

We want to create a more equal future for girls and young women in Scotland. That’s why we’re calling for:

  • Political parties to commit to gender equality by putting forward 50% female candidates in local, Scottish and UK elections
  • Politicians at all levels to consult with young people on all of the decisions that impact their lives
  • Businesses, public bodies, voluntary organisations in Scotland to commit to increasing female representation in management and creating opportunities for the next generation of girls to take the lead

Why Citizen Girl is important

Research from Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2018 backs up why this campaign is important by highlighting the impact a lack of female representation has on the views and experiences of girls & young women. Did you know that 57% of girls aged 11-21 don’t think politicians understand the issue facing them today and 53% think political parties should make sure half their politicians are women?

How can you get involved?