Give your time

As a parent or guardian you may be interested in supporting your child in her guiding activities. If you’d like to join the fun at your local unit there are a variety of ways to do this. Whether it’s a one-off visit to teach the girls how to bake the perfect cupcake or a regular slot as a unit helper, the time you give will really improve the lives of girls in your area.

Unit helpers and occasional helpers

We know it can be hard to fit volunteering in to a busy life – so if you don’t wish to commit to becoming a leader but are interested in working in the unit, the role of a unit helper is perfect.

Unit helpers can be either male or female, aged 18-65, and occasional helpers can be any age. Helpers can choose to wear section wear if they choose, and can be flexible with the numbers of hours they commit – it’s completely up to you!

Support roles

There is plenty you can do to support guiding even if you don’t have time to commit regularly. After all, every hour counts.

There are plenty of important jobs that can be done in your own time and from your own home, from helping with unit accounts or lending a hand with fundraising to taking part in a one-off session with your local unit to teach girls skills for badge work.

Interested in joining us? Speak to your daughter’s unit leader on how you can give your time, or complete the online form and join the fun of guiding!