What girls can do

Girlguiding Scotland can help girls achieve anything they set their mind to. Young members can join one of four groups…

Rainbows (age 5-7)

Being a Rainbow with Girlguiding Scotland is all about trying new things, having fun, becoming more confident and learning to be a good friend.

Brownies (age 7-10)

Girls who become Brownies with Girlguiding Scotland get to go on adventures, learn new hobbies and explore the world around them – while making brilliant new friends and having loads of fun!

Guides (age 10-14)

Through Girlguiding Scotland, Guides get the chance to get out there, make things happen and do something different – whether it’s adventure sports, travelling abroad or community action projects.

The Senior Section (age 14-25)

Being a member of The Senior Section with Girlguiding Scotland is all about fun, friendship and making your mark on the world in a way that suits you.