Whipping up some Social Action

Leader Kirsty explains how her unit are taking baking action to help people who are unwell this Christmas and have been doing so since 1993!

The 193rd City of Edinburgh Brownies are big supporters of Greyfriars Kirk’s Grassmarket Community Project. It aims to support those that have mental health or medical issues by creating a community and providing support. In recent years we have also been supporting The Mental Health Chaplaincy team who run mental-health drop-in sessions and provide support to those who remain in hospital over the festive period.

One of my favourite things about our unit is the fact that the girls make the decisions. This gives our girls the ability to choose what impact they want to make and they love the idea of making festive cakes to share with people in our community.

Each year before we get our ingredients out we talk about what it would be like to be in hospital during Christmas and not at home with our families. The project is an excellent way to start a conversation with the Brownies about resilience and mental well-being. These can sometimes be really sensitive topics but the girls have chatted so much.

Just thinking about the difference that a piece of cake can make to someone’s day has been a real talking point for the girls.

Kirsty, Brownie aged 10 says:

I really enjoyed making and decorating the cakes and I hope whoever they go to likes them.

It’s sad to think of someone on their own at Christmas and so even if they don’t eat the cakes, they can see that we are thinking about them.