Are you interested in taking your unit on a sleepover, but don’t know where to start. Then this podcast is for you! Our guests will chat about the process that you need to follow and some ideas for your own sleepover.

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Frequently asked questions about sleepovers

What qualifications do you need as leaders? Leaders need to have or be working on their GAW qualification; full details can be found on the website here. 

When organising a residential within UK that includes travel, is there Girlguiding insurance that will cover the group travel plans (such as cancellations)? Unity is normally the insurance that GG uses, but others are available. More details can be found here. 

When organising a residential and travelling from a remote area, apart from the travel grant is there any other funding that can be applied for? Nothing specific, but if the Good Guiding Fund is open then they can apply for that to help support a camp, potentially we could help to locate other sources of funding. 

How do I get other units involved with my own? You can use your local Facebook page, or just reach out to your district or division commissioner to see if they can put you in contact with other units. 

Does a Rainbow sleepover count towards QGA lead the way? Yes, it does.