Tri Sports – Individual Challenge

Throughout 2020 we’re focusing on the Be Well theme from the Girlguiding programme so we’re excited to bring you our Tri Sports Individual challenge! 

This is the first of three new challenges encouraging girls to get active, try something new and boost their physical and mental wellbeing. It’s packed full of fun activities for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers to complete which have been developed to be done during self-isolation, and while social distancing.

How does it work?

Girls can take part whenever they want throughout the rest of the year and the number of activities they must complete to earn a badge varies by section:

  • Rainbows – 1 from each theme (6 activities in total)
  • Brownies – 1 from each theme plus 1 from any theme (7 activities in total)
  • Guides – 1 from each theme plus 2 from any theme (8 activities in total)
  • Rangers – 1 from each theme plus 3 from any theme (9 activities in total)

We’re yet to launch the official Tri Sports badge so stay tuned for the big reveal coming soon!


More info

As this is an individual challenge young members are encouraged to work through the pack on their own and seek help from a family member or trusted adult when they need. But girls can also report back to their leader about their progress (much like how interest badges work) if their unit is running online guiding meetings at the moment.