Guiding helps me get ready for my exams!

Katie Horsburgh, member of The Senior Section in Edinburgh and Girlguiding Scotland spokesperson, takes a break from studying for her exams to tell us how guiding helps her in the run up to exam season.

“I would say that my experiences as a member of Girlguiding have definitely helped me in the run up to exams.

“In guiding, we have always been encouraged to step outside our comfort zone by trying new and adventurous activities from going away without our parents to abseiling.

“These sorts of things have helped improve my confidence and determination which is allowing me to attack exams head-on.

“The close-knit guiding community is also very valuable as I approach my exams. Spending time with my group of friends at The Senior Section helps me to cope with stress as they are a great support network and going along to our unit meetings provides a fun rest-bite every week.”

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