Glasgow teen urges young women to vote on 7 May

A Girlguiding Scotland member from Glasgow is championing the voice of girls as she prepares to vote for the very first time in a General Election.

Isla Whateley, 18, is one of 10,000 young women in guiding who will be voting for the first time in a General Election on 7 May 2015.

Isla, a member of the North West Glasgow Division Senior Section group, wants the next Government to take action for girls and young women by supporting Girlguiding’s Girls Matter campaign.

Ahead of the General Election, Girlguiding members have launched a cross-party campaign, Girls Matter, calling on politicians to help create a more equal society for girls by pledging to implement eight calls for change.

A number of MSPs, including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, have backed the Girls Matter campaign, and a motion about it has received cross-party support in the Scottish Parliament.

Isla, said: “I want politicians to keep their promises following this election.
“I’m interested in women’s rights and their access to healthcare.

“I also feel strongly about improving awareness and treatment of mental health in the UK.”

Isla is also urging all girls eligible to vote in this year’s General Election to make sure their voices are heard. In the 2010 General Election more than nine million women didn’t use their vote.

Isla added: “It is vitally important that we get to have a say on how the UK is run!”
Isla is a member of Girlguiding Scotland, the leading charity for girls and young women in Scotland. Active in communities all over Scotland, guiding provides a safe, girl-only space for young women to try new things, grow in confidence and speak out on issues they care about.