Lead volunteer for financial compliance

We are looking for a member to become our lead volunteer for financial compliance.

The role

We’re looking for a volunteer to join our new county support team at Scottish level and take the lead on supporting counties to ensure all local entities are financially compliant. This role works alongside staff in the governance team and may also involve liaising with Girlguiding and/or OSCR.


The key skills and attributes that we’re looking for in this role are:

  • Ability to enthuse others of the reasons why financial compliance is important
  • Competence in being able to assist local areas with cases of non-compliance with sensitivity and diplomacy
  • Confidence and understanding of matters related to finance and an open approach to seeking further advice and support for specialist queries
  • Capacity to be proactive and involved in building relationships with key volunteers and staff to facilitate the work between meetings – this may involve liaison with Girlguiding and /or other Scottish committees and groups.
  • Excited to be part of the national team striving to provide support to all Scottish counties to help them strengthen their effective management of local guiding
  • Ability to think of the bigger picture for the benefit of members and potential members across Scotland
  • Approachable and open minded, and able to work with others
  • Committed to our values
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills both verbal and written
  • Ability to sustain engagement with individual cases over an extended period of time


At Girlguiding Scotland, striving to be an inclusive an impactful organisation is at the heart of what we do. We recognise that being a great volunteer isn’t just about the skills that you can bring to the table, but also the unique perspectives that come from your background and life experiences.


Apply now

Find out more and download the application pack today! The application deadline is 30 June 2024.


Get more info

If you would like to have an informal chat, please get in touch with Cat Campbell by emailing, who can arrange for you to speak with Lyndsay Strang, assistant chief commissioner, and chair of the county support team and/or Denise Spence, CEO.