Scottish Youth Parliament

We want all young people to get engaged with the democratic process and be empowered to speak out about issues they care about. We have two representatives on the Scottish Youth Parliament, also known as MSYPs. 

The SYP elections are now officially open!

Vote now for who you want to represent you in the Scottish Youth Parliament. All you have to do is:

  1. Head to the SYP website 
  2. In the ‘identifier’ field just pop your membership number. If you don’t know it your leader will be able to help you.
  3. Next to this box select ‘Girlguiding Scotland’ from the dropdown menu
  4. Now select ‘check eligibility’ and you’ll be shown all the candidate profiles
  5. Read about each candidate and decide who would be best to represent you

Vote now!


What’s it all about?

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people and isn’t associated with any political parties. It’s made up of 150 young people aged 14-25 from across Scotland and is an amazing platform for young people to make their voices heard by key decision makers on issues that matter to them.

Elections are held every two years, where young people from all over Scotland stand as candidates to become MSYPs.

Find out more about the Scottish Youth Parliament’s work on their website.

What our MSYPs do

Our two MSYPs represent the views of members at members’ motions so Girlguiding Scotland’s voice can be truly represented on important issues facing girls and young women across the country.

Our two peer elected MSYP representatives attend Scottish Youth Parliament sittings three times a year, which involves debates and discussions around issues that matter to Scotland’s young people.

Check out the video above where Maddie, one of our MSYPs shares her thoughts on being an MSYP. This fantastic video was made by young leader, Katie.

Find out more about our MSYPs

Maddie Brown

Age: 22

From: Fife

Why did you want to become an MSYP?

After I became Guide leader I realised my girls were really engaged with politics and wanted to be involved and have their voices heard. That’s why I made the decision to apply!

What are you passionate about?

I’m really interested in making sure girls are getting a fair and balanced education as well as promoting mental health and working towards reducing the stigma surrounding it.


Sophie Reid

Age: 15

From: Glasgow

Why did you want to become an MSYP?

I wanted to become a MSYP because I want to help change Scotland for the better. As a young person I feel our voices should be heard as we are Scotland’s future. I think I would make a positive impact in the Scottish Youth Parliament.

What are you passionate about?

I’m very passionate about gender equality. I believe strongly that men and women should have equal opportunities in life. I would also like to tackle the stereotypes surrounding men and women. I also feel very strongly about mental health issues. I believe the stigma surrounding the subject of mental health should be tackled especially with men. I feel that there should be a wider curriculum for mental health issues in schools across Scotland.