Peer Education

Girlguiding Scotland has a team of around 70 peer educators. Peer educators are aged 14-25 and have been trained to run safe, fun and challenging sessions for their peers on issues like body confidence, mental well-being and bullying. The sessions are developed with expert partners to support Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

Here are some of the programmes they can deliver sessions on:

  • Think Resilient helps gives members the tools to build their mental well-being and was developed with the charity YoungMinds.
  • Free Being Me helps grows girls’ body confidence and self-esteem and was developed with WAGGGS and the Dove Self-Esteem Project
  • Breaking Free gives girls the tools to challenge any gender stereotype that limits them and makes it harder for them to reach their goals. Gender stereotyping happens every day. It’s in the way clothes are designed, the toys we give children and the jobs we’re encouraged to do. It’s time to challenge these gender stereotypes which make it harder for young people to achieve their dreams

Why it works

Girls trust their peers. The peer educators bring their own life experience to the subject to help bring it to life. Check out this video to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Become a peer educator

Do you want to help girls develop resilience? Do you care how women are portrayed in adverts? Then becoming a peer educator could be for you! Find out more here and help us change the world one girl at a time and check out the peer educator e-learning resource, or get in touch for more info.

Find out more about everything to do with Peer Education here.