Leadership qualification

Without our 12, 500 leaders guiding wouldn’t happen. Become a leader and you will work directly with girl, helping them grow into confident young women.

If you’re keen to become a leader and empower young members to aim high then you’ll need to complete your Leadership qualification.

Who can complete this qualification?

You can start working towards your Leadership qualification when you’re 16 but you can only become a leader once you are 18. You’ll be referred to as a leader in training while you’re working towards your Leadership qualification.

What are the stages?

After you complete the first three modules, which are compulsory, you’ll be qualified as an assistant leader and will be awarded your basic Leadership qualification.

  • Module 1: Your role in our programme – this covers planning and delivering a high quality programme specific to the section (Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or The Senior Section) you want to work with.
  • Module 2: Your role in Girlguiding – this covers making or renewing your Promise, contributing to meetings at a local level and getting involved in local Girlguiding.
  • Module 3: Your role in safety and unit administration – this covers safety requirements within the unit, effective communication with parents and the local community, and your responsibility for managing unit funds.

Once you’ve gained your basic Leadership qualification, you can complete Module 4 to become a Unit Leader. You can also repeat Module 1 to train to lead another section.

  • Module 4: Your role in managing the unit – this module is optional for assistantl but is required for Unit Leaders. It covers managing record-keeping systems and effective communication in your area.

Although there isn’t a set time to do your Leadership qualification it generally takes about six months to complete – find out more here.

What training and support will I get?

Everyone who undertakes our Leadership qualification is assigned a mentor – a qualified leader who will guide you through the modules and support you by answering any questions you have. The Being a leader e-learnings are also designed to prepare you for leadership, and provide a great introduction to the role. As part of the qualification, you’ll also need to attend first aid training and Safe Space training on safeguarding.

Find out how you’ll be assessed and how to apply here.