OSCR notification and consent forms

If you make changes to your county that require notification to OSCR or changes that require OSCR’s consent (such as applying for charitable status, changing the name of the county or winding it up) you can complete the required form(s) electronically; they can also be signed electronically. Once you have completed the form, please send it to Girlguiding Scotland and we’ll check it over, add a cover note and submit it to OSCR on your behalf. Please send completed forms to


The forms that you may need are linked below:


OSCR notification form

This form is used to notify OSCR of a change (for example when updating your constitution or contact details).


OSCR consent form for changing the name of a charity

This form is used to request OSCR’s consent to change the name of a charity such as a county, for example as part of a merger.


OSCR consent form for winding up or dissolving a charity

This form is used to wind up or dissolve a charity (such as a county), for example after a merger. Please note that to use this form it needs to be submitted before the charity ceases operating. If it has already ceased operation, please get in touch on


OSCR consent form for registering a new charity

This form may be used to register a new charity.


If you are unsure of whether you need OSCR’s consent or if you need to notify them, you have other questions or need some assistance filling in one of the forms please get in touch at and we’ll be more than happy to help.