County executive minutes template and guidance

The minutes template is intended as a guide only, you don’t need to copy it exactly. Depending on the structure of your county executive and teams some items will be named differently, or tasks may fall under different categories. The structure of the minutes will follow the structure of your county executive agenda.

The minutes should be a formal record of discussions and decisions which took place at the county executive meeting and any actions to complete. They should also have a record of when and where the meeting took place and who attended, and any apologies received.
The minutes need only be brief – they don’t need to capture whole conversations and who said what. They should focus on what was agreed and why.

Following the meeting, the minutes should be approved by the chair and issued to members of the county executive. They should be invited to make comments on the minutes prior to formal approval of the minutes at the next meeting.


Download the template

Download the guidance for the template


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