County executive action log

An action log can be a really helpful way of collecting together actions that are agreed at meetings with details of who’s responsible for them, by when, and other useful information. It can also be a useful tool to use at an executive meeting to quickly go through and note progress on each.

The action log template here is intended as a guide only, you don’t need to copy it exactly. The format will depend on the structure of your county executive and teams and how people work best.

It is suggested that the action log includes meeting dates, the action, who is responsible for the action, the status of action, the date the action should be completed by, and any additional comments.

Once updated following the meeting, it’s helpful to circulated to the members of the county executive so everyone is confident in what they are responsible for.

In preparation for the next meeting, any outstanding actions should be carried over to a new sheet along with adding any new actions from that meeting.


Download the template


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