Subscriptions (subs)

Units charge ‘subs’ to cover the cost of equipment and hire of the meeting place.

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Subs can be paid weekly, monthly or each term. There is also an annual subscription which covers the day-to-day running of the charity. This is sometimes included in the subs. Subs vary from area to area – your local unit leader will be able to tell you how much the subs are and when they need to be paid. Amounts, known as levies, set by the district, division, county and country or region. This helps with local running costs. As it’s set locally, this amount will be different for different units and levels. Find out more about the subscriptions process and key 2023/24 dates here.

How your subs are used

In 2024 the Girlguiding HQ subscription will be £31 (the subs increase is needed to make sure Girlguiding can continue in the future and £31 was the minimum that trustees felt would be needed to keep Girlguiding HQ sustainable in 2024) and here at Girlguiding Scotland our subscription rate will be £15.50. This contribution, along with the Girlguiding subs, goes towards ensuring Girlguiding Scotland’s future. Please note there’s usually an extra charge for special activities, days out, residential events and holidays.

Find out what your Girlguiding and Girlguiding Scotland subs are used for here.

Talking to parents/ guardians about subs

Download our editable graphic to help explain what girls get out of guiding to parents and guardians. Our graphic can be downloaded below, updated in Word with your local information and attached to parent emails or posted on your social accounts.

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