Accessible guiding grant

We want all of our members to take part in all that we have to offer and this grant supports members with disabilities and helps to cover assistance, transport, training and the development of an accessible programme.

One application per year can be made for an individual or group and we consider each funding application and the amount of the grant on an individual basis.

This grant can be put towards the cost of:

  • A ‘buddy’ for an individual or group of members with disabilities to attend a camp or holiday
  • Transport for members with disabilities to attend a camp or holiday
  • Specialist equipment and resources
  • A training event for promoting awareness of disabilities and inclusion or practical knowledge, for example manual handling, to maintain a safe environment for members with disabilities in guiding
  • Providing inclusive activities for members with disabilities at Girlguiding events

Unfortunately we can’t consider applications for:

  • Buddies for individuals in a unit to attend weekly meetings
  • Transport to and from unit meetings
  • Members of the Trefoil Guild or Trefoil Guild projects
  • Adaptations to buildings or premises where guiding events or meetings take place


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