Mental health

We all have mental health – take a look at this page for some inspiration on promoting positive mental wellbeing for yourself and your unit.

Mental health, just like with physical health, can change overtime. Sometimes it might be great and other times you might need some support. It’s important to remember that there’s help available if you or another member is experiencing mental health issues.

Read about mental health and guiding for advice on having conversations about mental health and supporting members with their mental wellbeing. For a more in-depth overview you can take a look at our mental health e-learning course. For more support you can reach out to to get advice from the Girlguiding HQ team.

Please remember to always follow the Girlguiding safeguarding procedure if you have a concern about a member’s safety or welfare. Dealing with the mental health of others can be challenging so remember to make sure you look after yourself too!