Out and About Challenge 2022 – Get Creative

We’re thrilled to reveal the brand new Out and About Challenge for 2022!


This year we’re challenging you to get out and about with your unit to create some environmental art!

Environmental art can be many different things but, for this challenge, we are looking at temporary outdoor sculptures or images created by rearranging natural materials found on site, such as leaves, stones and twigs. This will have no long-term harmful effect on the environment.

How to take part

  • Your creation can be two-dimensional (flat) or three-dimensional (something built up or down) but should be built using only natural materials
  • Your masterpiece can tell a story. It could be a local legend, a story about a local female hero or a story about a local landmark. It could tell your favourite story or it could give a message about caring for the environment
  • It can be a stationary piece of art (still) or it can be dynamic (moving)
  • It could be something that will move in the wind or something that you can move like a machine or a puppet
  • Your creation doesn’t need to last but be sure to take a photo of it and share it with us!

Get started

Think about where you are going to create your art and what natural materials are available – sticks, stones, leaves, grasses, feathers, sand? Think about water as a natural material. Snow is water and you can paint with water, freeze water, or make mud and mould it. You could also use the sun to shine through your creation or to create shadows, or the wind to cause your creation to make a noise. What will you come up with? Download the challenge below or get the print-friendly version here.

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