Out and About in the Dark 2020

Who says the darker nights have to be dull? Take on an Out and About in the Dark challenge with your unit, or your family, for your chance to earn a brand new badge!


This year we’ve developed a new challenge to encourage and support girls in your unit to go on an outdoor adventure at night, learn about the night skies, discover nocturnal animals and so much more.

But why go out and about in the dark you might ask? Research shows just how beneficial taking part in outdoor activities is when it comes to boosting our mental health and well-being. Enjoying fun-filled activities in the dark encourages the development of all our senses, it increases confidence and develops risk awareness! So what are you waiting for?

How does it work?

We’ve created some activities to get you started, but feel free to adapt these to make them work for your unit. Or why not create your own challenge? The challenge can be done with your unit or your family. If you’re getting with your family, share your plans with your leader and get her to approve them. Once you’ve completed your activity be sure to share photos of what you got up to with your leader to help earn your badge. We hope you enjoy getting Out and About in the Dark!

Don’t forget!

In order to earn the badge girls must take part in at least one activity outside and everyone has until 21 March 2021 to complete this challenge. We can’t wait to see what adventures you and your family, or you and your unit get up to!

Get started

Which Out and About in the Dark challenge will you complete? We can’t wait to see what everyone gets up to after nightfall! Here’s a print friendly version of the challenge.

Order your badge!

Head to our online shop now to pre-order the new Out and About in the Dark 2020 badge today!