Burns Night

Burns night is celebrated every January, read our ideas on how to make it different for your unit.

Learn the Promise and Law in Scots

The Scots Language centre have translated the promise into Scots. Have a go yourself and then listen to the audio to see how many words you pronounced right!

Make some Scottish treats

Try making shortbread or oatcakes. If time is short, pre-make the mixture and just get each person to roll out and either cut out (oatcakes) or cut up and prick (shortbread) before putting into the oven.

Hold a mini Burns Supper

Have a mini Burns Supper following the format of a formal Burns Supper. Give each person a small amount of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties to try, along with some Irn-Bru.

Give your Burns Supper a Scottish twist by saying the Selkirk Grace, use bagpipe music to ‘Pipe the Haggis in’, play a recording of ‘Address to a Haggis‘, ask for volunteers to read out a few lines of some of Burns’ Poetry or sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Play some games

Try playing the Haggis Target game. Make a pretend Haggis using an old pair of tights, and draw a target on the floor using chalk. Teams will then take it in turns to roll the Haggis at the target and see how many point they can get.

Design your own Tartan by cutting coloured paper into strips and weaving them together in different patterns.

Have fun this Burns’ Night.