Creative outdoor activities

Try some of our ideas for getting creative in the woods, from making a collage to shaking some maracas.

We spotted some great outdoor activities over on the Nature Detectives blog – try some of the ideas from making a loo role bird feeder to a minibeast hunt

Woodlands provide inspiration for all sorts of creative and arty projects.

Give these a go:

Make a mobile

Find some straight sticks of similar lengths, cross them over at the centre and tie with string to make the frame. Then dangle a selection of woodland objects from the sticks using different lengths of string. Hang the mobile from a branch and watch it turn in the breeze.

Make some maracas

Fill a plastic bottle with objects such as small pieces of bark, pebbles or twigs to make a shaker.

Make a collage

Use natural materials to make a collage on the ground. It could be a picture, or a big pattern the birds can admire from the treetops.