Autumn activities

There are lots of different autumnal activities for you to try out with your unit!

We came across this fantastic and simple version of how to make your own pine cone firelighters using just cones, basic tea lights and cupcake holders on Kate’s Creative Space blog. It’s probably one to try with older sections and definitely lots of supervision and appropriate safety measures!

There’s a fantastic range of other activities to get involved with to celebrate those crisp autumn days. Why not try:

  • Going on an autumn-themed scavenger hunt
  • Finding out about the history of key festivals like Hallowe’en, Diwali and bonfire night
  • Going blackberry picking
  • Bobbing for apples – and/or making your own toffee apples
  • Holding a pumpkin-carving competition
  • Cooking a dish with some fruit and vegetables which are in season in the autumn
  • Making a decorative autumn wreath
  • Finding out about animals that hibernate over the winter
  • Making a bird feeder
  • Learning about famous autumn-themed poems and try penning your own to share with your unit
  • Have some camp fire fun – drink hot chocolate, toast marshmallows, and write your name in the air with sparklers (take care, they get very hot!)
  • Get your best scary outfits together and go trick or treating